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Art and Science Of Cinema

by Anwar Huda

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd

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About the book

The Art and Science of Cinema provides a clear and concise study of the film world. The book deals with the film technology, movie history, great filmmakers, actors, pictures & aesthetics, narrative, genres, plays and documentaries. The reader will find exciting, informative and entertaining study of everything related to film. It also deals with still photography, production works and Oscar facts. Whatever your interest in film, this book will give you the vital informations and critical skills to understand films better than before, as it has been lavishly-illustrated. Fact filled pages make it the most comprehensive, detailed and explicit book on the subject. This book is useful for film students, actors as well as lovers of world cinema.1. The Picture; 2. The Audience; 3. The Producer; 4. The Filmmaker (Director); 5. The Cast; 6. The Screenplay; 7. The Budget; 8. The Cinematography; 9. The Editing; 1. The Sound; 11. The Art Direction; 12. The Costume; 13. The Make-Up; 14. The Music; 15. The Special Effects; 16. The Stunts; 17. The Play and the Film; 18. The Documentary; 19. Films on Mental Illness; 2. The Most Underrated Films; 21. The Bollywood; 22. The Box Office; 23. Movies Rewriting History; 24. Film Piracy; 25. IMAX Films and Theatre; 26. War Films; 27. Still Photography; 28. OSCAR Trivia; 29. The Interesting Little Facts; 3. The Best Genre Films; 31. Pre-Production Works; 32. Glossary; 33. Further Readings; 34. Film Schools, Museums and Websites

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Art and Science Of Cinema
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Anwar Huda
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Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd
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