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Role of Space-Time in Jaina’s Syadavada and Quantum Theory

by Filita Bharucha

Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications

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About the book

A research study with an emphasis on the role of space and time as well as the importance of "indeterminancy" played by Syadvada in Jainas Philosophy. The Book presents the view of the Einstein Theory regarding the unification of space-time and its role of the Jainism in perceptive of the modern age and also shows that the quantum theory which has to be of further advancement in view of the logical operations which created an empirical new standpoint of the world. In fact the book discusses how the Eastern and Western thoughts of space and time which is simultaneously playing part in the contemporary world. Contents Foreword 1. Advent of Space-Time 2. Jaina’s View of Reality as Modern Thoughts of Space and Time 3. Role of Quantum Theory in Deviant Logic 4. Role of Universals, Thought Experiments: Reductio ad Absurdum 5. General Theories of Space-Time 6. Logico-Spatio-Temporal Space

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Book :
Role of Space-Time in Jaina’s Syadavada and Quantum Theory
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Author :
Filita Bharucha
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Sri Satguru Publications
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1 kg

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