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English Grammar Practice

by Raj N. Bakshi

Publisher: Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd

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About the book

ENGLISH GRAMMAR PRACTICE combines explanations of grammar points and practice exercises in a single volume. It is an excellent practice book on English grammar for first year college students, senior secondary students and students preparing for competitive examinations can be used as a textbook in class or for self-study covers a complete range of grammar items/structures like word classes, phrases, clauses, simple and complex sentences, tenses, prepositions, active and passive sentences, direct and indirect speech, etc. has simple and easy explanations of each grammar point with illustrations to support the explanation has a large number of graded exercises for practice: elementary exercises which develop the confidence of a student in using English, intermediate exercises to further consolidate the confidence and improve the competence of a student and advanced exercises to make a student use English effectively acts as a link between the correct use of sentences and connected discourseTable of Contents Simple sentences 1 Simple sentences 2 Countable, uncountable and proper nouns Countable and uncountable nouns Possessive, gender and collective nouns Articles The definite article and the zero article Some, any, a lot of, (a) little, (a) few Main verbs Auxiliary verbs 'Be' and 'have' and modal auxiliaries The simple present and present continuous tenses The simple past and the present perfect tenses The present perfect continuous tense The past continuous tense The past perfect and past perfect continuous tenses Expressing future time 1 Expressing future time 2 Negatives Some more negatives Yes-no questions Wh-questions Question tags Adjectives and their order Degrees of adjectives Participle adjectives and functions of adjectives Adverbs 1 Adverbs 2 Adverbs 3 Modal verbs 1 Modal verbs 2 Ability, permission, offers and invitations Modal verbs 3 Possibility, requests and suggestions Modal verbs 4 Necessity and obligation Complex sentences Noun clauses t Noun clauses 2 Relative clauses Relative clauses 2 Adverbial clauses 1 Adverbial clauses 2 Infinitive Gerunds I Gerunds 2 Infinitives or gerunds Direct and indirect speech 1 Direct and indirect speech 2 Direct and indirect speech 3 Active and passive voice 1 Active and passive voice 2 Active and passive voice 3 Prepositions I Prepositions 2 Prepositions 3 Phrasal verbs

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English Grammar Practice
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Author :
Raj N. Bakshi
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Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd
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1 kg

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