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Tantric Hedonism of Mahandi Valley: Uddiyana Pitha (Series: Tantra in Contemporary Researches 4)

by Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo

Publisher: D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., New Delhi

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About the book

Man has the quality to plunge, dive and strike to the inner moods through Tantric Yoga for self-realization. Tantra is a parallel cultivation of the Vedic wisdom through which India reached its topmost zenith. Based on the dual conception of creation, with the participation of Siva and Sakti, the germinator and the nurturer respectively, tantra is a highly complex system of philosophical thought. The Vedic rsis discovered the yoga of sexual transformation to raise the kundalini which symbolizes woman as a medium of sacrifice and the copulation as an act of sacrifice. In the present book, the yogic development in the Mahanadi Valley which evolved erotic mysticism has been dealt with. Based on intensive research in the field area and studying a range of archaeological findings and comparing them with historical details, the work examines the evolution of Tantric Cults, particularly the Lajja Gauri Cult in the valley, and interprets in depth the composite yogic-tantric figures and symbols that are said to depict all hatha yogic features. With numerous pictures, maps and other illustrations, it emphasizes on the art and architectural expressions of tantric belief in the region. Furthermore, the concept of sex to super-consciousness has been described with details of intuitive knowledge. The detailed description of the erogenous zones of female during different moon days and the sixty-four sexual poses (bandhas) comprised in the appendix are highly informative. The volume will be extremely useful to scholars of Indian religion, philosophy and art and informative to others keen on knowing about tantra. Contents Preface List of Plates and Figures Transliteration Chart Introduction I. TANTRIC HEDONISM OF MAHANADI VALLEY II. YOGIC DEVELOPMENT IN MAHANADI VALLEY EVOLVED EROTIC MYSTICISM : 1. The Early Upland Dwellers of Mahanadi River Valley 2. Primal Yoni or Bhairavi Pitha is Located in Nuapada District 3. Yoni Worship Originated in Middle Right Mahanadi Valley 4. Yoga of Sexual Transformation 5. Uddiyana-Pitha Defined 6. Uddiyana-Pitha Identified 7. Study of Lata-mudra, Vajroll-mudra, Sahajoll-mudra and Uddiyana-bandha 8. Study on Benefits of Uddiyana-bandha and its Acquaintance with Mahanadi Valley 9. Uddiyana-Pitha Represent Air Element 10. Kurmasiti is a Gift of Kalahandi District 11. Yogini Tantra and Yoni Tantra 12. Study of Syamakali and Daksinakali 13. Sunya or Void in Yogic-Tantric Saivism 14. Study on Traditions of Seven Tantric Maidens and "Sasisena Kavya" 15. Yoga of Sexual Transformation in Jagannatha Cult III. MAHANADI VALLEY WAS NOT BEREAVED OF LAJJA GAURI CULT IV. EPITOMIC HATHA YOGIC, TANTRIC SCULPTURAL MASTERPIECE OF INDIA : 1. Study on Agamic Tradition V. FROM SEX TO SALVATION : 1. Savikalpa Samadhi 2. Nirvikalpa Samadhi 3. Pleasure 4. The Pancasakha of Orissa 5. Upendra Bhanja1 6. Procreation 7. Samadhi 8. Vajroll-Mudra 9. Sahajoli-Mudra 10. Uddiyana Bandha VI. KOSALI STYLE OF TEMPLE ARCHITECTURE : 1. Yantra and Mandala 2. Gross Elements 3. Kosali Style of Rekha Temple VII. SIGNIFICANCE OF THREE TANTRIC TEMPLES AT BAUD VIII. Tantric influence on Temple Architecture of Mahanadi Valley

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Book :
Tantric Hedonism of Mahandi Valley: Uddiyana Pitha (Series: Tantra in Contemporary Researches 4)
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Author :
Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo
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Publisher :
D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., New Delhi
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19 x 25 cm
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0.854 kg
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Numerous b/w illustrations.

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