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Hindustani Ragas: The Concept of Time and Season

by Vijay Bazaz Razdan

Publisher: B.R. Rhythms Delhi

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About the book

The book throws light on the most distinguishing features of Hindustani Music System dealing with Time Theory Concept or practice of assigning stated time of the day or night or any season prescribed for singing/playing a particular Raga. This concept according to ethnomusicological aspect is only found in Hindustani music among the world music cultures. This practice has existed in India from time immemorial. Our Sanskrit scholars have uniformly stuck to this practice. Our music passed through numerous transformations during the last several centuries, but time Theory Practice has been scrupulously maintained. Our current music has outgrown the old Shastras, but still we find clear tendency to stick to Time Theory. This seems to be a most indigenous and mysterious concept. Although good amount of papers and chapters have been written on the aspect of time-theory, but this book deals in detail with the psychological and philosophical concept of Hindustani Ragas from the very beginning. CONTENTS: Introduction; I : THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE TIME THEORY IN TRADITIONAL HINDUSTANI PERFORMANCE PRACTICE : 1. Prehistoric or Vedic Period 2. Early Historic Period 3. Medieval Period 4. Mughal Period 5. British Period 6. Contemporary India II : CLASSIFICATION OF RAGAS ACCORDING TO DAY, NIGHT AND SEASON : 1. Ancient and Medieval Classifications of Raga Time Theory 2. Contemporary Theories of Raga Time Concept 3. Ragas Based on Time 4. Three Classifications of the Ragas 5. Ragas of Day and Night - A Comparison 6. Raga and Rasa Relationship 7. The Seasonal Ragas III : INVOLVEMENT OF VADI AND SAMVADI IN THE GROUPING OF DIFFERENT RAGAS IV : THE TIME THEORY IN CONTEMPORARY HINDUSTANI MUSIC : 1. The Incursion of Institutional Educational Practices in Classical Hindustani Music 2. The Impact of the Radio and the Television on Classical Hindustani Music 3. The Fusion of Hindustani Raga Time Theory and the Western World 4. Mandala of Healing Ragas - Part of Cosmic Energy V : SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION : 1. Summary 2. Conclusion

Details of the book

Book :
Hindustani Ragas: The Concept of Time and Season
Book ID :
Author :
Vijay Bazaz Razdan
ISBN 13 :
Year of Publication :
Edition :
Publisher :
B.R. Rhythms Delhi
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Pages :
Size :
19 x 25 cm
Weight :
1 kg
Illustrations :
10 B/w plates and 10 Colour plates.

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